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About Tim Murray 

Murray Financial, Inc. is owned and operated by Timothy T. Murray, CFP®, Certified Financial Planner and CDFA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Tim has lived in Northern Virginia since 1972, has been a small business owner since 1993, and a financial planner since 2001. He is married to Polly Bailey Murray and is the proud father of three children.  


A graduate of Virginia Tech, Tim worked as a Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor for 7 years and as a co-owner (with Polly) of an after-school tutoring center for 8 years. While running the tutoring center, Tim earned his Master's Degree in Education at George Mason University and taught public school (2nd grade) for two years.  


He is an avid sports fan, world traveler, community leader, very average golfer, and financial planning expert and enthusiast. 

Tim's Financial Planning Background

In 2000, Tim and Polly decided to close their tutoring center so Tim could fully pursue what had been, for many years, his undeniable interest - personal finance.


After passing his Certified Financial Planner exam in 2002, Tim affiliated with Capital Planning & Investments, Inc. in Fairfax, as a financial planner.


In 2005, Tim formed Murray Financial, Inc. knowing that that the fee-based investment advisory service (as opposed to commission-based) was most advantageous for his clients.  Tim serves his clients without the corporate or institutional conflicts of interest prevalent in the financial services industry.  MFI's revenue from investment advice is limited to hourly charges or fees based on assets under management.


Tim has been preparing personal income tax returns since 1986.  He is a member of the National Association of Tax Preparers and has stays up to date with current laws by way of annual continuing education courses.


In 2006, after working with multiple clients who had previously made poor decisions during their divorce negotiations, Tim went back to school again to earn the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) designation. 


With Tim's varied work and life experiences, he is able to bring a vast, yet balanced perspective to financial decisions. Tim truly enjoys and is fully dedicated to helping others with their financial planning.


Whether you are a recent retiree, in mid-career, a small business owner, or a new college graduate, Murray Financial, Inc. is ready to support your financial goals and provide you with client-centered financial planning, investment, and tax advice.