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A recent TV advertisement from a large brokerage firm was touting that they have salaried brokers instead of commission-based brokers.  While these product peddlers might not receive immediate commissions from their sales, I'm fairly certain that their end-of-year bonus or raise in salary will be directly tied to their production for the year.

What matters as a customer/client is not how the broker divies up their income, but how you pay them (you are still paying the commission, btw) and how that income is generated (i.e. commissions from product sales, overrides, sales contests, preferred fund list bonus, etc...).  

But the bottom line is whether or not your representative has your best interest in mind when making recommendations.  Brokers have a duty to their brokerage house.  Fee-based registered investment advisors (RIAs) have a duty to their clients - and are are solely paid by their clients.  RIAs are paid for their time - not for selling something.

Use a fee-based advisor.




Americans have poured record amounts of money into savings accounts even though interest rates are at historic lows, new federal data show, a sign that average people may be missing out on a booming stock market and recovering real estate sector.

The total amount in those accounts climbed nearly 5 percent to $6.9 trillion in the spring, the highest level recorded since the Federal Reserve launched its regular reports on the flow of money in the economy in 1945. At the same time, other data show that Americans are fleeing the stock market and avoiding the purchase of new homes.


$6.9 trillion?  Wow!



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